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Boulder Junction Wellness goal is to help you find the best way to be a Better You! We offer Cold Laser, Medi-Cupping Machine, Essential Oils, and soon to be offering CryoSkin, to give you the best out come to feel balanced in mind, body, and spirt and manage your pain.

Energy Wellness Center


 We are passionate about living healthy, happy, and prosperous lives! The Energy Wellness Center is dedicated to helping individuals experience life changing breakthroughs and fundamental core improvement on a cellular level as well as mind and spirit. We offer powerful tools that can easily, and quickly, enhance & change your life forever! We help provide a balance of the physical, mental & emotional body!



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What Is Cryoskin?

Cryoskin brands itself as a pain-free weight loss service.

It’s designed to chill portions of your skin to sub-zero temperatures to kill fat cells and therefore reduce fat pockets and smooth out its appearance. In this way, Cyroskin promises to help you slim down without the price tag or recovery time for procedures like liposuction.

But is this cold temperature procedure effective? This article will help you decide.


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