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  • Passive Aerobic Exerciser
  • Helps Temporarily Relieve Minor Muscle Aches, Pain, and Tension caused by Fatigue or Over Exertion
    Locally Increases Blood Circulation and Relaxes Muscles. Provides a unique feeling known as the "Chi Rush"!
  • The Sun Ancon Chi Machine is a therapeutic whole body massager and passive aerobic exerciser that offers benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. It offers a unique massage experience and similar benefits of a hands on massage, such as temporarily increasing local circulation. The Sun Ancon Chi Machine maximizes the movement of the body without putting additional stress on it. This helps to provide prompt temporary relief from minor muscle aches, pain, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. The rhythmic movement of the Chi Machine allows your body to relax, which opens up your bronchioles allowing your lungs to breathe more deeply. It is wonderful for individuals who through age or physical limitations cannot exercise because its movement also helps promote movement of the lymphatic system. 


The Benefits of Rebounding.

The lymphatic system, commonly summarized as the “garbage disposal of the body,” relies completely on our conscious movement. Unlike the cardiovascular system with the heart automatically pumping fluid, the lymph system relies on our body movements as a pump.

Movement turns on the garbage disposal – without movement that forces the lymphatic fluid to drain, toxins collect stagnantly in the lymph instead of leaving the body. Any type of exercise, such as walking, weight lifting or swimming, helps flush toxins in the lymph.

But rebounding is by far the most effective movement therapy for increasing lymph flow and draining toxins from the body. Many natural health practitioners recommend daily rebounding as a gentle detox technique or weight loss aid (more on that below). Due to the up-down movement, lymphatic fluid is forced to flow and flush toxins and so much more.

Power plate

Merax New Full Body Slim Vibration Platform Fitness Machine 2000W

Vibration type: Triangular Oscillation Frequency
10 Different Preset Programmes
Perfect for muscle toning, muscle building, weight loss & cellulite reduction
Variants Of Speed Range and Strong Massage Vibration
Fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms
Easy-to-operate console with window display screens
Burns fat, improves circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, scientifically proven to increase bone mineral density

What's the benefit?
Burns fat
Increase Metabolism
Improves Circulation
Reduces Thread Veins
Improves appearance of skin
Improves body density
Improves balance and co-ordination
Improves flexibility
Fewer varicose vein

Wellness Pro Machine

Why the Wellness Pro+ Plus?

Electromedicine is a discipline within the Field of medicine that deals with the use of electricity and frequencies to aid in the treatment of chronic or acute pain conditions associated with a variety of physical ailments.

The WellnessPro+ Plus is an Micro Current Frequency Generator and electrical stimulation device indicated for the relief of chronic, intractable pain and as an adjunctive treatment of post-surgical or post-traumatic acute pain. The unit is compact, lightweight, and very user friendly. The WellnessPro+ Plus is FDA cleared and CE 0459 marked as a Class II medical device. WellnessPro+ Plus has been created for the precise treatment to minimize the pain associated with various conditions.

The WellnessPro+ Plus Frequency Generator has Been Tested for Harmonic Accuracy. It is digitally controlled and designed for the precise treatment to control even the most difficult pain, trauma and injury cases, including a wide variety of muscle and connective tissue and other health problems associated with PAIN and largest frequency range of any comparable electrotherapy unit on the market. Hundreds of finely tuned frequencies can be activated at the touch of a button.

Bio Mat

Health Benefits of the Biomat

As a medical device, the FDA has approved the following statements for the Amethyst Biomat:

  1. The temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain stiffness;
  2. The temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis;
  3. The temporary relief of muscle spasms;
  4. Minor sprains and strains, and minor muscular pain;
  5. The relaxation of muscles;
  6. And the temporary increase of local circulation where applied.

More info on the statements below:

Arthritis and the Biomat

The Biomat is a safe, alternative treatment approved by the FDA for arthritis pain relief. It delivers warm infrared heat to the affected areas, penetrating into areas that are difficult to reach with creams or patches. This therapy effectively reduces the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, and deeply relaxes the body and increases mobility.

  • The warmth of the Biomat also increases blood circulation. This boost in blood flow brings oxygen and nutrients to injury sites, reducing inflammation and promoting the body's natural healing process.

Ionized Foot Bath

Ionic detox has been known to:

Remove toxins, free radicals and body waste products that can cause health problems

Relieve pain and tension including headaches

Purify the blood and lymph

Increase peripheral circulation

Stimulate and balance the immune system

Enhance nutrient absorption

Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention

Help clear up skin

Assist in weight loss

Slow down aging and improve body flexibility

Quicken recovery time from disease or injury

Increase oxygen in the body

Rejuvenate and energize your whole body

Improve sleep

Teeter Inversion Table - Back Pain Relief

The Teeter Difference - Energy Machines in Boulder Junction

FDA-Cleared & Health  Approved

The Teeter is an effective, FDA-Cleared & Health Approved Class 1 medical device designed to decompress the spine and stretch supporting muscles, helping to alleviate Back Pain, Sciatica, Muscle Tension, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Spinal Curvature due to Tight Muscles, Muscle Spasm & Facet Syndrome*.

Power Plate in Boulder Junction.

Inversion Table Benefits

The benefits of inversion tables have been known for thousands of years. Regular use of an inversion table benefits you by proving increased physical and mental energy, increased oxygen to the brain and cells, removal of toxins, reduced anxiety and stress, lymphatic drainage, plus an effective treatment for many conditions of the spine and back problem. Let the stress of the day pass you by, revitalize your energy level or restore your body after physical activity.

Back Pain!
Back pain is one of the most common physical complaint in the world today. An estimated 85% of all people face some type of back problem in their lifetime. We all subject our backs to daily abuse such as heavy loads that stress the muscles and bad posture from sitting at a desk all day. Regular use of an inversion table has it's benefits and inversion therapy can help avoid back problems by developing good posture and doing regular exercises.